Sunday, 5 March 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part Three Post Two

This sequence firmly establishes some of Carcharodon's super-powers, something of a reveal as to his background, and a brutally bloody reveal as to his wantonly savage character. The first couple of episodes to "The Mermen's White Death" had hopefully shown Controller Gardner to be a decent man with a deep-seated concern for the welfare of his men. As a result I hoped that his sudden, brutal demise would prove a genuinely shocking moment and immediately establish just how vile a nemesis the heroes were facing.

In addition, it's clear from Carcharodon's speech that the Shark-man is some long forgotten follower of the Third Reich's Fuhrer, and additionally provides the fish-men which have appeared so prominently throughout the adventure's earlier scenes with a name... The Untersee-Men or U-Men; a name several comic book publishers seem to have utilised, but which at the time I thought was unique to my own tales.

Angered by the senseless death of Controller Gardner, Bearman launches a desperate attack against the cold-blooded killer Carcharodon. But are even a were-creature's claws sharp enough to penetrate the tough hide of a Great White Shark...?


  1. This story just gets better all the time. Terrific stuff, Simon. Carcharodon is a truly evil villain. I'm looking forward to seeing his demise. Fingers crossed! :-)

    1. Thanks Bryan. Carcharodon crops up in a number of my stories, so I'm glad you like him.

  2. Wow, you have been busy, I've just been catching up with you comic posts and didn't realise how far behind I was, I was still half waly through "The Rambler", loving this story though, I think Heroes of Godwinson are my fav's.

    Cheers Roger.